Minter Browser

The Minter browser allows users to participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies while they browse the web. Minter also provides a free virtual private network (VPN), ad-blocker and cryptocurrency wallet. Minter offers users a safe, secure, fast and private online experience.

Mint Browser Screenshot

A VPN lets a user access the web safely and privately by routing his/her connection through a server and hiding any online activity. The use of VPNs has grown considerably in recent years as public awareness and applications continue to rise. In fact, one quarter of all Internet users have accessed a VPN in the last month.

Users may turn on the VPN at any time while using Minter. When the VPN is activated, the user is required to elect the desired level of computing power that the user is willing to allow BlockMint to use through the browser for its crypto mining activities. Users can select between low, medium and high, with each level corresponding to an increasing level of processing power.

Mint Browser Screenshot

Minter also includes an ad-blocker. Like VPNs, ad blockers are growing in popularity. eMarketer, a leading research firm for digital marketing, estimates that about 25% of U.S. Internet users were employing ad blockers as of the end of 2016 with that number projected to grow to 30% in 2018. Minter offers a faster browsing experience by automatically blocking intrusive third-party trackers.

Users will also have a cryptocurrency wallet accessible through the Minter web browser, the private keys for which will be stored locally on the user’s connected device. When the VPN is turned on, which will allow BlockMint to utilize the user’s computer processing power for its mining activities, BlockMint will pay the user a fee based in part on the amount of processing power that the user elects to allow BlockMint to use.

Minter will initially be launched for use on desktops and laptops. Blockmint then intends to develop similar applications for other connected devices, such as gaming consoles, smartphones, smartTVs, etc.