MintAccess allows website owners/hosts to earn cryptocurrency from users when they visit the owner’s site by utilizing the site visitor’s computing power from their connected device to mine cryptocurrency. With MintAccess, website owners can monetize the content on their site without having a site visitor pay a fee (no paywall or subscription fees) or view paid/sponsored advertisements (ads will not display).

For websites that have adopted MintAccess, upon landing on the webpage, a user is presented with an option to view the website’s content without having to pay for such access (or decline and enter into the website’s default subscription fee/paywall) or without having to view website ads (or decline and enter into the website with ads shown). By electing to enter into the MintAccess arrangement, the user agrees to allow the website owners/host to utilize the processing power of the user’s computer while viewing the website in exchange for the user’s access to the website content free of charge or ads.

The site visitors that opt-in do not receive any cryptocurrency. Instead, BlockMint pays the website owner a fee in cryptocurrency based in part on the cumulative processing power generated from all of the users of that particular website that elect to opt-in to the MintAccess arrangement.

MintAccess Screenshot