Nelson Ijih

Mr. Ijih has over ten years of hardware, firmware, software development and firmware security experience. He spent nine years working at Intel Corporation within the Data Center Group and Software Groups where he was one of the founding members of a small team that received awards for the design and development of Intel’s first heterogeneous server product with Pentium and Xeon CPUs integrated with FPGAs on-chip which led to the acquisition of Altera Corporation. He also worked on IoT based platform and product development targeted for low-cost convolutional neural network scoring for computer vision applications in smart camera systems for urban area and autonomous vehicles.

Mr. Ijih is the co-author of several highly referenced publications in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on CPU and Computer Architecture. He also was adjunct faculty staff at Portland Community College where he taught Computer Information Systems. Mr. Ijih holds Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science.