Introducing Minter Browser

Does the world need yet another browser?

Yes - And here are the reasons why we believe Minter is that browser.

Earn while browsing…

Minter is not just another browser; it is the browser that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while browsing. By integrating the proof-of-work algorithm (named CryptoNight) used in Monero cryptocurrency into Minter, the browser mines Monero for you in the background as you surf the internet. We choose Monero because the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm was created not only to be costly to design an ASIC for it, but also the Monero team updates the algorithm periodically to discourage specialized hardware designs, which can lead to a single entity having overall network hashrate dominance. This would be a major security threat for any proof-of-work based blockchain application. Integrating Monero’s proof-of-work algorithm and wallet into the browser is mutually beneficially for both Minter users and the proof-of-work based blockchain community - users can earn Monero and mining becomes more distributed and not centralized.

Why use other browsers that don’t pay you for your time online?

Privacy & Anonymity…

Besides mining cryptocurrencies while you browse, Minter also comes with a special purpose built-in VPN and internet censorship-resistant technologies.

VPNs are special private networks that are used to tunnel internet traffic to increase online privacy and security. Standard VPN technologies have many drawbacks; however, we have addressed two of these with Minter:

  1. Privacy, but Degraded Online Experience - VPNs often slow down a user’s internet browsing experience. The Minter browser, however, comes with a special kind of VPN that significantly improves browsing speed compared to most VPNs while still enhancing user privacy and security.
  2. Private Traffic, but not Clandestine - Because VPN is a standard protocol, anyone observing your browsing traffic can easily detect that you are using a VPN which can attract interest. Minter browser not only comes with the same level of privacy and security of a standard VPN, it makes the fact that a user is using VPN clandestine so that observing eyes will not know Minter users are tunneling their traffic through a VPN-like network. For example, when China undertook a crackdown on VPN usage in the Fall of 2018 by enforcing a blockage of VPN services like ExpressVPN  or Opera VPN based Browser using their Machine Learning firewall algorithms, Minter users in China were still able to access websites such as and, sites typically blocked in China.

Familiar Experience…

Also, all of the plug-ins and apps of both Chrome and Brave are compatible with Minter so you can have a familiar browsing experience while earning cryptocurrencies and safeguarding your online privacy.

Download Minter browser here:

Nelson Ijih, Chief Executive Office